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See for Yourself: How Airplanes Are Cleaned Today

Original article by: The New York Times · Aug 5, 2020


Move over, on-time performance. The new key standard for airlines and passengers is: “How clean is it?”

The airlines are busily fine-tuning their cleaning procedures — where they clean, how frequently and with which tools. To get a sense of what’s changed, I recently witnessed the disinfection and cleaning process performed from start to finish onboard a Delta Air Lines jet at Kennedy International Airport in New York.

In short, it was meticulous — enough to delight even a hardened germophobe.

Here’s what passengers need to know about how an airplane gets disinfected and cleaned between flights.

Passengers disembarked from a 76-seat Republic Airways regional jet that had arrived at Kennedy Airport from Boston. Republic operates the plane on behalf of Delta. A crew of nine cleaners made quick and efficient work of the airplane.

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