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Save our gyms, Gov. Cuomo: Learning lessons from other states, we can reopen safely

Original article by: DAILY NEWS · Jul 25, 2020


This week, New York City joined the rest of the state moving into Phase 4 of its post-coronavirus reopening, with one glaring omission: Fitness businesses statewide have been moved out of reopening phases indefinitely. To my knowledge, there has been no mention of the industry in Gov. Cuomo’s press conferences for more than two weeks. It’s time to shine a light on how detrimental this can be to the physical health and well-being of New Yorkers — and the economic well-being of an important slice of the economy.

New York accounts for 7.1% of a $34.1 billion industry that employs over 800,000 people. More than two-thirds of the establishments in the industry are not huge but small businesses with single owners like me, who have their entire livelihoods on the line. Many of the facilities and studios in our industry are not the crowded, dirty and dangerous places that they are being made out to be.

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