Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most dependable disinfection and outbreak control partner for companies and governments worldwide.


Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board, DeepCleanUS

Executive Leadership

After almost a quarter-century as a highly-decorated public servant with the NYPD, upholding the rights of and affording the protections to the citizens of New York City, George J. Cherubini has transitioned from his most-recent post as a Sergeant in the public sector, to continuing his life’s mission of protecting communities and serving the public in the private sector.
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Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board, DeepCleanUS

Proudly assuming the role as DeepCleanUS’ founding Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Cherubini leads the path towards building DeepCleanUS into a world-renown infection prevention partner for businesses and government agencies alike, with a deep focus on three fundamental components of his strategic vision: creating the most reliable disinfection, testing, and reporting programs for partners; developing innovative solutions by leveraging new and existing technologies; and identifying early intelligent measures to prevent the next outbreak.

While DeepCleanUS was borne from the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to the forever-altered socio-economic dynamics of our relationships with each other and with our environments, its very existence was borne from a simple desire to make a positive difference, and to lead our partners with a purpose towards creating a safer, cleaner tomorrow.

As the world retreated into the initial months of quarantine, Mr. Cherubini’s steadfast leadership and solutions-oriented approach led the DeepCleanUS team towards creating the world’s first and only public “Business Disinfection Reports” database, made easily accessible by anyone with a smartphone. By combining the superior application methods of electrostatic disinfection with the testing accuracy of the 3M CleanTrace™ system, Mr. Cherubini has helped to quickly establish DeepCleanUS’ core service offerings as integral to any business operation, as they are unique within the entire spectrum of industries.

Similar to the challenges faced after the events of September 11th, as societies around the world begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, embracing a “new normal” will require an authentic voice and an instinctive brand of leadership that Mr. Cherubini has been known for by colleagues throughout his entire career with the NYPD, as well as by his beloved students in his current role as an Assistant Professor at Wagner College Nicolais School of Business, at City University of New York Chazanoff School of Business, and also at Saint Joseph’s College School of Professional Studies.

In addition to his role as CEO, Mr. Cherubini serves in a dual-capacity as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and provides the full benefit of his experience, leadership, and guidance of all company-wide operations. However, no role has made him more proud and equally humbled as that of being the father to Jessica and Christopher Cherubini.

Mr. Cherubini is a graduate of Seton Hall University.


Core Values

Strict adherence to our core values help guide our methodology and solutions strategy in all of our decision-making.

We’re great listeners because actions speak louder than words. So we’re quiet because data-driven results are always loud and clear.

With us, it is something personal and it’s not just business. Emergencies don’t take days off and neither do we.

We operate with trust in others in order to attract truthful people. This guiding principle is our true North.

For all those fleeting moments that we experience together, we believe in the cumulative value of making each of them count.

It doesn’t take a discerning eye to see the qualities that define the differences. It only takes time for the appreciation to develop.

Our Philosophy

When providing mission-critical services for our clients, we strive to achieve exceptional outcomes.